Unsolicited email.
We received this email just recently, and we would like to share it with you, we get several emails just like this, but this one is special. Hope you don't mind us using it Stuart.


G\'day, I bought from you the hobby casting knowledge kit the other day. I\'m thoroughly enjoying reading it as it is very well laid out and is very easy to read.  I am an engineering pattern maker by trade and work in a jobbing shop in Melbourne\'s western suburbs.

I have a keen interest in restoration which lead me to build my own furnace last year to produce reproduction parts as the foundries that remain are not interested in small runs and one offs anymore. So far it has proved itself quiet successful and can easily melt aluminium, brass and cast iron. However, now i\'m looking at perfecting my melts as i\'m not getting the consistency i\'d like, especially with my aluminium.

I\'m hoping to use your site to help perfect this. You\'ve done a great job of compiling and sharing your knowledge on your site as I know first hand that foundry men don\'t like to share their trade secrets freely to others, so I thank you.
Stuart McC.

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Take note of what Stuart said re making special parts for his restoration work:"The foundries that remain are not interested in small runs and one offs anymore".

This is one of the main reasons (But not the only one) why so many people want to reproduce things with their own backyard foundry.